Monday, November 26, 2012

The girl who cried "PARTY!"

HOLIDAY THOUGHTS>>> on food and eating...

I saw something on TV about EATING LIKE KINGS. Americans eat like KINGS. Which in the olden days of kings and queens and knights - weight was a sign of being wealthy because you could eat a lot every day. The human body doesn't need that.

And the poor peasants were skinny cuz they were poor and ate only a little. And they had to work (out) in the fields and stuff and so they burnt off what they ate.

okay... what... ya... Fat Lazy Kings ate lots, did nothing but rule and got FAT. Skinny workers ate less, did work and were skinny. Is there some life lesson in here? Maybe something about gluttony? Maybe something about moving and eating less and not being greedy?

I want to stop eating like a KING everyday. Everyday is NOT my birthday so why do I want CAKE every day? I do want to get where my daily diet is good so on holidays I can eat more because it is a celebration. And if you celebrate EVERY DAY! then when there really is a celebration, when you eat the cake, it's not so special.

It's like I am the girl who cried CELEBRATION... after a while, no one really thinks it's a celebration.
Like the boy who cried WOLF in case you didn't get that. I cried PARTY ---


one two three PIXIE STIX!!!!


and so I can't were boots now.

True story. I just got a pair of KEENs in the mail. They don't fit because I have the calves of KINGS and not the spindly legs of a peasant farm worker. My calves are like tree trunks. I am like a tree girl walking around on my tree legs and by trees I don't mean small trees - I mean big giant RED WOODS or something. Like OLD GROWTH.

Yes, I have OLD GROWTH CALVES from eating like a KING and I can't wear boots.

Oh the world is a funny place. I don't know what I would enjoy more... Eating like a king or wearing boots.

I am going to say I enjoy eating more. And that sucks. Because I really want to wear these boots.

Things are about to change... trust me my friend... This is happening. NO MORE EATING LIKE A KING EVERY DAY!!!! I want small Alder tree legs, not Giant Redwood tree legs....

TRUE FACT: I have been on a ZILLION diets. I have gained and lost 20 pounds countless times. I embark again on another diet and a challenge - which I will write more about in another blog... Let's just say....
I hope to wear my KEENs by APRIL 1st.

NO, not HOPE>>>>> I WILL WEAR THEM BY APRIL1st and that's NO JOKE!

Derby comes full circle. Now we are both beginners.


As you probably know I started the Seattle Derby Brats about 6 years ago. Most of the kids then were 10-12. The league grew to two teams, then 4 with two skill ranges, then a travel team, to where we are now with 6 home teams, two at each of 3 levels and one all star travel only team which I coach (It's called the Galaxy Girls, what an amazing name...). I am pretty sure we are one of if not the largest roller derby leagues in the world. 7 teams. 8 if you count the B travel team made up of the home teams for B level travel bouts. But 7 distinct teams without skater crossover.

Okay, I may have been bragging. I may continue to brag for a while. As well as be humbled. YES - I said it, BFG was humbled this weekend for sure.

After a long derby hiatus I tried out this past Sunday for Tilted Thunder Railbirds.I retired from Rat City at the end of June after the champs bout and to me it felt like an eternity and to my friends I complained to about it, probably if felt even longer. When you skate for almost 9 years, 8 full seasons, taking a month of is GREAT. Taking 4 months off. Not so great.

The tryouts started with an interview. Why do I want to skate for Tilted Thunder? (It's banked.) What is my skating experience? (You don't have room on your form for it all.) We seemed to be constiantly interrupted by those passing by. (Cuz I am awesome and everyone wants to talk to me... or.... ) We were sitting on couches by the sign in table. I don't think people thought we were in an interview actually. Gary asked me about painting a plyometrics course on the floor of the Aviary (the fond name of the warehouse that Tilted Thunder uses for practice.) I am helping plan PLYOs for the TTRB travel team. A little something I already teach to the Galaxy Girls.

Girls started to file in. All of them from the Flight School hosted by TTRB except me and one other skaters. ThumPurr from the Hula Honey's - Jet City Rollergirls. OH and I might add. a former SEATTLE DERBY BRAT AND GALAXY GIRL!!!

That is correct my friends. I was trying out for TTRB along side one of my former junior skaters. I cannot tell you how excited I am for her. She is such an amazing kid with such a huge future infront of her, not just in derby but in life. She went from hardly knowing how to skate to being a very powerful and strong blocker on the Galaxy Girls. On the Hula Honey's she really came into her derby and was not only a feirce blocker but one of the teams constant jammers. I went to several of her bouts to watch. ThumPurr is only the second of my juniors to age out, they all seemed to start so young. The other, wonderful girl, Victoria Deck'em, went on to cooking school and is an amazing baker these days. ThumPurr is my first to go off and join an adult league.

>>>>> FAST FORWARD >>>>

We both made the league. We are in our probation period of 90 days. We hope to both be placed on the same team (hearts think hearts and red and Mad Hatter) in January. Okay, I KNOW I WANT US ON THE SAME TEAM!!!

Don't you think we should be on the same team? That would be so super FAB. Just saying. FAB.

Anyways. I am now on a league with a girl who I used to coach on a junior team. I think that is awesome. The derby is going to change. The kids are amazing.